So it’s christmas…

What would Christmas be without Santa Claus? What would this holiday be without a Christmas Tree or mistle toe or all of those wonderful presents wrapped up in pretty paper and large bows? What would Christmas be without shopping and eggnog and all of those tasty cookies? Where would the joy and expectation come from if there were none of these things for Christmas? Really, what would there be to celebrate?

We see Television specials all about Christmas and Santa and all of the traditional Christmas trappings. I have seen 20 or 30 new television movies, all about Santa and problems that families have during the holidays. Every store starts displaying Christmas merchandise after Thanksgiving, with visions of sugarplums wrapped in $100 bills. How could we ever imagine missing the hustle and bustle of last minute shopping and starting off a New Year owing more on our credit cards than many earn in a year.

jebus anzaraithWe see families celebrating Christmas with dinners and parties. We see tons of food and other goodies weighing down our tables. We see hundreds for advertising on tv for various useless, materialistic, consumerist products like lamps and casino chips… What would Christmas be without all of this. Just what would we have to celebrate without Santa and presents and shopping and more food and sweets than we could possibly consume?

Is this society, our society, ever going to realize that the most important reason to celebrate is Christ. It seems as though the world wants desperately to take Him out of Christmas. Children are not being taught the true reason for celebrating Christmas because it is politically incorrect to mention the Savior of Mankind in public. I watched a childrens cartoon the other day. It was about a very popular acquatic character who wears square pants. He was so excited to tell the story of Christmas to a young female something or other. He told her that Christmas was all about Santa. This is what our children are being taught.

This is an exciting time. Let’s take Christmas back. Let’s celebrate the most wonderful gift ever given. Let’ remember why we are celebrating. While celebrating Christmas, let’s simply celebrate Christ.

Merry Christ-mas!

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